Sunday, October 2, 2011

"Hallo-Month" Rejoice!

So, Rachel had this lovely idea (check out her post here) about posting some creepy-crawly Halloween time stories.  I thought it was a wonderful idea so I'm carrying it over here.  This is my favorite time of year.  People don't cock their head quite as far when they look at me during times of approved cosplay.  Tonight's musing is brought to you by a box of wine and some very awesome music.  This is a bit out of my comfort zone, but I'm going with it.  I can't stay in this little box forever, can I?


The carriage twisted and turned through the rutted, muddy road.  Rising up from the swampy sludge, mist puffed around the horses' feet.  Trails seemed to carve out of the heavy, sticky fog.  It seemed the horses had to work harder to get through it.

"Clarence, are you sure we'll make it?  The storm is closing in."

He sighed, a tiny puff escaping his steam-powered eye.  Curious this contraption was.  Looking into his eye, sprockets and gears could be seen in a flurry of movements in every which way.  An artificial pupil widened as another tiny puff released.  His hard, angular face was chiseled with time and battle scar.  He reached across to comfort the woman,

"Don't worry, Amoransa, we're close to the cabin now."

She took his hand into her own, trying to ignore the fact that they were being thrown about.  The horses' pounding gallop echoed in her head.  She stared at Clarence, wondering what would have become of her had he not rescued her.  Trying to slip him a smile, the world seemed to freeze in time.  

They tumbled off the road, the carriage rolling many times.  Every time they turned over time seemed to move even slower still.  She reached out to him when they finally stilled.  The aftermath of broken wood and glass crowding around her.  Blood spattered his clothing, and he struggled to free himself of the mess.  He shook his head furiously, rubbing the prosthetic eye.

"Amoransa!  Where are you?"

He dug himself free and kicked the door open enough to get outside.  Pulling herself out, she quickly checked herself for injury.  She seemed to be without a single mark.  Waving her hand in front of him,

"I'm right here.  Clarence, are you alright?" 

Panic set in as he looked for her.  His eye was malfunctioning and his stomach sank as he closed the lid around the useless device.  

"Amoransa, don't jest.  I can't find you."

He continued his frantic pacing, blood pooling on the fabric of his suit in many different places.  Dizzied steps forced him to kneel as the driver shuffled down the side of the hill and into view.

"Clarence, let me help you."

The kind-faced man helped him up.

"Did you see my fiance, driver?  She must have gotten thrown out."

The driver widened his eyes, "Let me help you sit down sir.  When you boarded in the city, you were alone, sir.  Maybe your head has been knocked about too hard."  Clarence squinted his eyes and shook his head.

"You can't be serious.  We were on the way to stay in my uncle's cabin for a getaway.  She was right here in the carriage with me."

The driver just shook his head.  "No, sir.  You were alone, I'd swear to it."

Clarence put his head in his hands and tried to think.  This was not right.  Not right at all.  

She stood in front of the two men, screaming.  Before Clarence, everyone had ignored her.  Like she didn't exist.  He was different, she thought.  Why was he acting this way?  Had he found out that she sipped the laudanum?  She tried in vain to get their attention a few last times before crumpling onto the ground to sob.

The driver and Clarence rode off on the backs of the horses after many hours of arguing, leaving her in the cold, wet swamp.  She threw stones at them and cursed as they passed.  Both of the men briefly looked back as she wailed, a cry of desperation and fury.


  1. Thanks, guys! It was fun to kick around, while trying not to start my NaNoWriMo project. :)

  2. Wow :) Glad I could help light the fire under you as well! This was a really nice piece, love the descriptions and the natural progression of the woman/our discovery of what the woman is... or is not :)

    Awesome ^_^